“Dad, can we please take a walk in the park?” This sentence is composed of Words that after reading it, imply a strong, loving and free relationship between a father and their Child(well in this case, vise versor). Now if you noticed I used the word ‘free relationship’ intentionally because, unfortunately, most of these relationships in our society, that is not the case atleast, or worse, some children like I grow up no Biological Father and end up being raised by a single mother.

Back to our sentence,it shows that the subject, (probably it’s during their leisure time), wants to do an activity with another party who is depicted to have an authority over this particular subject. Apparently, these two have a good, trustworthy relationship with mutual respect being what glues them together. That is why the subject trusts their Dad and feels free to take a walk with them in the park.

So a good daddy in response would say “ofcourse my Dear Child, lets go. Can I hold your hand? “and consequently the child will feel a great sense of belonging and acceptance and the walk in the park would be a trail of bonding between the two.

My father left to the United States barely even before I hit the two year mark. So technically speaking, I don’t recall any physical contact with him. But that does not give me a reason to sit outside my doorstep and sob all day for growing featherless. I don’t say I despise him for leaving me but I can say ,He did what he could to provide for me even at a distance in a far West continent.

I was raised by my Grandfather who filled up that Gap of my absent father and without any doubt, he was just as good as a real Dad would be to his son. Despite the Flogging(which is a normal rite of passage for most African Children) and the feeling of resentment since he wasn’t my real dad afterall, I got to persevere but of course with my mother’s presence and my grandmother who I consider an angel in this Dark themed world.

So I have all the reasons to dislike my Father for ‘not being there’ literally. But for what really? For what? Life is too short to Have a ton of stone weighed issues pulling your heart Down. It will one day tire and you’ll die as worse than before when you had a chance to free it off the load . With that, Love everyone. Even the unlovable. I know, easy to say, hard to do. But it’s not entirely impossible, now is it? We need a loving society, a less judgemental one -so to speak.How I wish everyone would be like ‘Shushu'(my other grandmother).For instance, If Love would be a big retail company, then she would be it’s mogul and trade mark or Logo. I wouldn’t think of a Better candidate. But you’re wrong Keith, it can’t be that way. Not in a minute it can’t.

The world will always get a way to feed itself with its own inequities and will never fill. People will always be Deceitful and Greedy Cannibals- taking away even that which belongs to their own future genarations and children. Unfortunate is an understatement to define ways of Mankind in this Century.

So why not take the first step of thousand miles, and be the Change you want to see, as famously quoted. Who knows, maybe the close circle around you will be inspired to follow your trail of traits. Then the world circle around you will be better for you. Food for thought…

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