A sweet melody parallel to a well coordinated band. A pre-thought work of letters deep like the ocean sand. Remedy to the Heart and Soul. By the fling of the Bass strings. By the stretch of an eagle Wing, I fly so high out of nature’s sight and breathe clean air and yes,I wear sparkle because I represent excellence and Gold is the trademark mark my words, and tattoo them on yourself that they never fade away. That they, never crack like dry clay.

All I ever wanted for my dear self. All now that I have packed the closet shelf. All these buckled in the face of my belt. I bear an armour unbreakable. I see your resentful eyes undress me naked for all you wished unto me is nothing but shame! But too bad for you long mistaken friend watch me rise to fame.

‘I Came’, oh I forgot that you cut off my feeble legs and disconnected my patella my mother rather, was a warriors daughter and so unfortunately for you, I share the trait. I crawled my way to the finish line mirage.

‘I Saw’, now notice I said mirage for all my life that’s what the pictures have seemed to be. I longed for years to see just a little clearer but your malicious hands squashed thick jelly upon my pair of white sclera blinding me off the beauty of Life.

‘I Conquered’, only to to realise that my world had never wished to turn its face on me. I am a Disgrace! A dusty Charcoal sisal sack. My existence is as well a curse to the Land my cracked feet lay upon as it is what I utter, a series with unending episodes of Grief.

I seek solace in my scribbles and sweet tunes that they only grant me a grain of life and the only one I pay Homage. Mother. She only, loves me, for me. Some sunshine in winter atleast although, the seasons She bears aren’t that promising in that case I’ve trained my eyes to hold the tears and my Soul to warm me with comfort when she is no longer here to be that Rock.

My path might be dark for the moment but my lashes pat my eyes with hope of a glimmer at the tunnel end. ‘Believe’ does not cost a dollar and that is what I decide to rock by with in abundance. I have a Silo store packed with it. Believe me.

My Human nature is deceptive and cunning like its infamous Master, yesterday I committed a felony, a Sin. Now I’m filthy and I belong to the Bin. If my mother only found out… Then I would be on my own, lost without coordinate like a splashed cologne and I get down to my bone and call out for Redemption, Forgiveness and Grace!

In mid prayer, I try to depict the man upstairs, my conscience cant help it but project His Face defiled with disgust and betrayal. So in this case, I have not the Light nor the Dim.

My Relentless spirit rather fueled up, beats my chest simultaneous and innervates my knees strengthening them to make a leap and colossal strides still hoping to be on track! Now I know that I am not alone, atleast I have me back!


  1. Wonderfully powerful muscular language full of grit and flow and resonance with fluid fluency and skipped-clutch speed shifting seamless segues. Wonderful ride. Thank you. Definitely clicking Follow.

    Also, Thank you for following my blog, Keith. Much appreciated.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank you, Keith. I appreciate you taking a swim, and immersing in the accolade you deserve. I am going to add you in to my weekly Serendipity Itinerary post that typically comes out on Saturdays. I do it as a way to feature people and work I resonate with, and give my followers added serendipity of people/places to visit and experience they might like as well, and have otherwise not found. Look forward to others finding your rockin’ work. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 🙂 Excellent. And, I think you’ll shine. Some great company. Other writers, a photographer, Tarot and Astrology, none of the above, a Pro Blogger, Painters.

        I appreciate being able to include you. Your work is solid and well-expressed.

        Liked by 1 person

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