Tell me now… Is it bad to dream? I need me a rainbow hued robe like Jacob’s son in the Holy Book. When Day strikes Dusk, all I see is colors! When I tuck in the white sheets, I’m in a movie theatre with a loud ambience and a multi inch screen behind purple velvet curtains. A comfortable leather just for me, and some popped yellow corn. Now tell me…

Everytime a normal kid from the Hood closes their eyes all they see is pools full of crimson, spayed on the town walls just like the undeniably attractive graffiti art it is so hard to unsee, sea of tears and grief for their lost aquitance.I mean I just met and barely knew his second name and shortcut to his threshold for PlayStation purposes but then we found the men in civilian.Trust me we’ve known and mastered the disguise already you can just go back to the uniform.

Before my lashes kissed to deny my eyes the very sad reality when the shots fired at him, his body fell next to my feet with a loud thud almost to draw my soul with him…

When a normal kid from the Hood closes their eyes in bed all they see is how to make their next turn, how to make their home burn because to them it is better off not in existence for all it represents is hopelessness, hate and malice, ‘Father’ almost stabbed my Mother!At this point I don’t know why I refer to him as ‘Father’ for all he’s been to me is further, miles away from the tip of my phalanges when my arm stretched!…

When a normal kid from the Hood closes their eyes for sleep in bed, their utterly insecure and terrified intuition pleads with them to keep them open… Why? My long Indebted friend whom I owe couple dollar coins may come knocking at midnight and this time, no last chances nor procrastinations.This time, it will be to terrorise and if you’re wondering about numbers yes! …He will not come alone! And since ‘Father’ is a coward who only settles his hot blood on women, I’m obliged to keep an eye through the broken window pane…

When a normal kid from the Hood closes their eyes for sleep in bed doesn’t look forward to the next morning because unlike an exquisite and wealthy estate couple kilometers away, no sweet aroma of frying bacon nor toasted bread will end his drool. No quiet wind breeze accompanied by sweet chirps of parrots nor a sweet mother’s sound of Love rather instead, an atmosphere already defiled by the toxic burning tyre fumes from a mob justice at the crack of dawn administered to the most notorious town thief leading to his painful demise. Defeaning and annoying Hornbill and Crow sounds to signify mischief and more dark days to come not forgetting to mention,a loud possessive yell from poor Mother, who barely made it out breathing from ‘Father’s’ unforgiving claws…

When a normal kid from the Hood closes their eyes they wish they never open them. Life to them, unlike other people’s, is a concrete maze puzzle with top notch obstacles that even a black belt ninja wouldn’t make it through leave alone a conflicted teenage delinquent trying to survive and by survive, I mean atleast not find themselves infront a speeding metal bullet. Life to them is an unending blood fight bout!

I tuck in the sheets and dream for a better day tommorow than today. I dream because that is all I can afford. On addition, I’m challenged to dream for my close Friends and Family’s sake and it is only right at this moment sitting behind the Multi-inch screen, then, I don’t sleep, in the middle of the Movie.


  1. Wow. Powerful. The use of repetition and imagery, the deep digging and “fire in the belly” are profound. This is the type of poetic writing that soars — that which costs us something to write.

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