8th Wonder

Ever seen a poor man, turn so rich
Ever seen a man fly, now they call me a witch
Ever seen the impossible, Wait for it
So very strange, seems so foreign
It is not a dream ,word from my wallet

Ever seen trees with leaves in Autumn
Ever seen much Faith than all ‘oem
Ever seen a preacher preach Wine
Ever seen a worrier go ” I’m all fine “
So very untrue, seems like a lie
Time will only prove me wrong ,then I’ll die

Ever seen a toothless lion, I guess not
Ever seen an antelope with claws, and if not
A rich man walk bare feet, not in forever
A tycoon like the Holy book, go to heaven?
So very Untraditional, seems like a fantasy
My heart aches with Joy for its time to be.

Written by :Keith K. Gikuuma

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